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You wrote and asked me:

“i just read your article on shoulder loops..i, have a few questions..if, i may.??”


“tigercubs began about ’96(??) are they associated with cubscouts proper or, seperate?? do all the cub “sections” wear the same color blue loops?? webelos, too?? tigercubs will tell you they are orange & black like REAL tigers..but, there’s a conflict with the unpopular varsity scouts with the same color.”

Tiger Cub Scouting was orignally an optional part of a Cub Scout Pack when it started.  Later, Tiger Cub Scouting was incorporated into the overall Cub Scout program.  As such, there were no separate shoulder loops for Tiger Cubs as Cub Scouts originally did not wear the khaki-tan field uniform but instead the blue Cub Scout uniform — even Tiger Cub Scouts (for four years, Tiger Cubs and their adult counterparts wore teeshirts).  All Cub Scout adults wore the field uniform with blue shoulder loops (to match the program color). 

WEBELOS Cub Scouts also wear the same blue shoulder loops if the Pack decides that WEBELOS Cub Scouts get to wear the same field uniform as Boy Scouts.  It’s not  a generic “done deal.”  Some Packs keep their WEBELOS Cub Scouts in blue until he graduates to a Boy Scout Troop; others allow parents to purchase the khaki-tan Boy Scout uniform and they wear Cub Scout uniform items as if they were wearing the blue uniform.  The blue shoulder loops are worn by WEBELOS Cub Scouts too.

Varsity Scouting’s colors are blaze (an off-red, not orange) and brown.  Varsity Scouting adults wear blaze-colored shoulder loops and youth members wear brown “discs” with their year pins. 

“being  a retired scouter of 16 years ( yes, i got my long service medal )in several different sections i, was curious about these loops..bsa stopped registering roverscouts in about ’65-’ a rover &(advisor in my turn, when i got too old) in Canada, i’m curious as to what bsa did to identify roverscouts “back in the day”?? what color loops would they have worn??”

The BSA stopped the Rovering program earlier than 65….it was in the 60s, long before the Oscar de Rente uniform shirts first used in 1971 and which officially ended 3 years ago (2008) with the introduction of the current “Centennial” uniform.
Therefore, the only insignia which IDed Rovers back then were special cloth insignia.  No shoulder loops.

“currently, USR is registering rover crews, not alot fersure but, the interest is still you know what color loops they’re using?? according to policy-no-one can create thir own special sh.loops..right?? is this how USR got around that rule?? with an alliance with wism??”

Whast’s USR?  They aren’t a part of the Boy Scouts of America; therefore, they can wear whatever shoulder loops they choose to.  The BSA says that only they can develop shoulder loops but there have been some local Councils which created special shoulder loops for their camp staffs.  The BSA created two special sets of shoulder loops — one for this past summer’s National Scout Jamboree and the other for the BSA contingent to the World Jamboree this summer.
“Canada also has loops to identify least, they USED uniforms were just introduced to make scouting “more cool” ..I always thought that the uniform was made it cool & different?? now, they got rugby/pullover things for uni. pants/shorts-no hats..”

The BSA may be going that way in a few years, dropping the pants and keeping the uniform shirts.
“B-P had the concept but, with creation of the OA program, it duplicated alot of the roverscouts program elements.. this would maybe explain why rovers never really “got off the ground”..”

That, and the age factor of Rovering and the conservative nature of the BSA kept the Rover program from moving back in the day.  Additionally, if you remember, there was Exploring, Sea Scouting, Air Scouting, and traditional Boy Scouting. 

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