“Once a Scout, Always a Scout? (13 Apr 13)

Hi Bill!!
You provided me with a GREAT question today….thank you for asking me:
“If I was a Boy Scout am I “always” a Boy Scout” (if I wasn’t expelled or anything — never happened)…or just during the time I was in my troop.
I am now 72, but recall still with fond memories my extraordinary wonderful times with Scoutmaster, winter camp, patrol, learning Morse code, getting merit badges, and in my nostalgia just wondered if those teachings and learnings about trustworthy, loyal, helpful etc., which have guided me I hope over the years, could allow me to share with my grandchildren the idea that “once a Boy Scout, always a Boy Scout”.
My query has absolutely nothing to do with any current controversies, etc., it is simply a request for information. “
You are ALWAYS considered a Boy Scout, Bill, if you agree to manage yourself by way of the Scouting ideals (the Scout Oath or Promise; the Scout Law and its twelve points; the Slogan and Motto; and perhaps the Outdoor Code). This is different from being *registered with the Boy Scouts of America (or some other nation’s Scouting organization)* as registration gives one additional benefits to each Scout, regardless of age.
You are very much in line telling your grandchildren and anyone else who ask you because indeed “once a Boy Scout, unless and until YOU say otherwise, you remain always a Boy Scout.”
Please do me a personal favor and stop by the Scout office in Peoria and ask them to register you as an Alumni of that Council and of the BSA.
They’ll give you some trinkets, put you on a mailing list, and inform you once or twice a year about what Scouting is doing in your old Council. When I was in Iraq and Kuwait; and before that, Saudi Arabia, the newsletters from my Council and from Direct Service were great “catchups” as to what was going on Scouting-wise and reminded me that while the world was moving and changing, the basics of Scouting kept constant.
Thanks again for asking me!!


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