Eagle Scout Uniform (22 Sep 14)

Lyrical wrote and asked me  “What uniform does an Eagle Scout wear? I’ve seen articles about the use of the medal and neckerchief but nothing about the shirt. Does this mean he wears the same shirt?”
Eagle Scout is a rank, not a status. Eagle Scouts wear the same uniform as other Scouts or Venturers wear.  There is no such item as an “Eagle Scout uniform”; the uniform of that Eagle Scout is either the “universal khaki-tan” uniform or the green Venturing uniform.  The only difference is the wearing of the cloth Eagle Scout rank badge centered on the left pocket of the shirt.
The wearing of a special neckerchief is optional by the Eagle Scout. There are several different neckerchiefs he can wear but there is not a requirement or policy that he wears either of them, opting to wear his Troop’s neckerchief or another neckerchief reflecting a camp or other experience he engaged in.
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