Merit Badge Counselor uniform and insignia question (23 Sept 15)

Hi Chris!!

You wrote and asked me:

“Question I received from a scouting friend and I can’t find an answer to. Can a merit badge counselor, and registered only as such wear the adult bsa uniform and is there a position badge of office to reflect merit badge counselor?”

Yes and no.  Yes, registered merit badge counselors may wear the field uniform, since they are registered with the Boy Scouts of America.  However, there is no badge of office for merit badge counselors.  In some Councils, merit badge counselors are a subset of the Council’s advancement committee…therefore they could wear the Council Committee badge of office.

Other Councils don’t allow this.

I have submitted a recommendation for a Merit Badge Counselor badge of office in 2013; it has not left the BSA’s National  Insignia and Uniforming Task Force yet.

Great question and thanks for asking me, Chris!! My apologies for the lateness…I am on vacation in Minnesota this week.


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