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NEW President-Elect named: (Dr.) Robert (Bob) Gates! (30 Oct 13)

   Scouters!! In another twist to get the BSA back on track as the dominant national youth-serving organization, the BSA’s National Executive Board appointed Dr. Robert (Bob) Gates to that volunteer body and elected him as the program’s next National President.  Gates would serve in the place of Randall Stephenson, the Chairman/CEO of AT&T who was on track […]


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Non-Registered Adults and the Uniform (7 Nov 13)

 Steven wrote and asked over on LinkedIn:“We have a parent in our pack who occasionally wears a scout shirt. He is not a registered leader. Are there any guidelines about this? Is there anything wrong with an enthusiastic leader wearing a khaki BSA scout shirt on occasion even though he doesn’t hold a leadership position? […]


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“Man, You Look like a General…Are You a General?”  (26 Nov 13)

“Man, You Look like a General…Are You a General?” (26 Nov 13)

  That’s what people have been asking me the last couple of weeks. They look at my Army uniform and say “Wow…”     “What’s all of the things and stuff on your shirt?” The ribbons and the two badges represent more than 35 years of combined civilian and military service, as part of all three […]


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An OA/Eagle Board of Review Question for you (31 Oct 13)

  “My son is getting ready to go before his Eagle Board of Review, and they say that they want OA members to wear their their sash on their belt. Is that an acceptable for of wear for the OA Brotherhood sash?”   No. He may carry his Brotherhood sash with him, but he should […]


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(SCOUTING Magazine Asked) “Scout Hat Wearing: What’s YOUR Policy?” (29 Oct 13)

  In putting together the first edition of the Badge and Uniform Site back in the 90s, much of my email came from “old time Scouters” who first, appreciated that there’s a place online they can point to their peers and say “See, THIS is the right information!” even if it doesn’t appear in a […]


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Bored People and Scouting (19 Oct 13)

  If you have not seen or heard about the three knuckheaded “Scouters” (in quotes because no Scouter *I* know of would ever think of doing what they did!), take a look at the video linked below. Then you’ll realize what stupidos they are. Never mind where they live (if they were from Minnesota or […]


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What do you do when a Scout has a patch sewn on wrong? (17 Sep 13)

  (From Byran’s SCOUTING Magazine blog, 17 September 13) Bryan wrote and asked us: “You’ll notice it right away, of course. You’ll see Tristan across the room at your pack or troop meeting this week and instantly spot the unit numerals on the wrong sleeve, the rank patch on the wrong pocket or the World […]


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The End of ScoutParents (13 Sep 13)

  I know this is a bit late, but I wasn’t made aware of it until I read a posting on the Scouts-L youth programs discussion group.    The BSA ended the “ScoutParents” registration designation.  “ScoutParents” were parents of Scouts in the unit, who had no connection except to be parents of a Scout youth.  They were […]


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More about Square knot insignia (19 Aug 13)

  (Copied from the SCOUTING magazine blog)   Sarah wrote:   “Hello, first THANK YOU for putting this information out for us clueless types. My Husband and I just started leading the 11 year old scouts at Church. We are trying to get his uniform together, but I have to admit, the person in the […]


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Jamboree Numbers!

  So we didn’t make any records this time out, gang. That’s okay…it gives us something to strive for for the NEXT National Jamboree at the Summit!!   The following was taken from this morning’s SCOUTING magazine blog as relayed by the senior Editor of that magazine, Bryan Wendell:   “The big number is 30,037 youth and […]


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