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Take your standard Oliver North. Add strong parts of Bill Cosby and Sir Robert Baden-Powell (the founder of Scouting). Throw in Johny Bravo without the "hurhhs!" and his pecks. Add a strong dose of parenting, the sexuality of a latin lover, and Mona Lisa's smile. And a 40 year old's body frame. That's me basically *grinning*
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Jamboree Numbers!

  So we didn’t make any records this time out, gang. That’s okay…it gives us something to strive for for the NEXT National Jamboree at the Summit!!   The following was taken from this morning’s SCOUTING magazine blog as relayed by the senior Editor of that magazine, Bryan Wendell:   “The big number is 30,037 youth and […]


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Boy scout “Jack” shirt question… 4 pocket?

  Hey Matt!!   You wrote and asked me:   “My name is Matthew Wilson a proud eagle scout. While at a local swap meet I found a BSA jacket and purchased it. The tag reads Boy Scouts Of America Official Jacket and has the number 553 on it. Size 40. It feels like all […]


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About Speeches and the Medal of Honor (18 Apr 13)

  Please first allow me some words about making speeches.  I have been doing so for quite some time — since 13; and “will speak for food, patch or mug” (later for $100) since I turned 17.     Let me start out by saying that at every location I provide a speech — an after dinner speech; […]


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“Once a Scout, Always a Scout? (13 Apr 13)

  Hi Bill!!   You provided me with a GREAT question today….thank you for asking me:   “If I was a Boy Scout am I “always” a Boy Scout” (if I wasn’t expelled or anything — never happened)…or just during the time I was in my troop. I am now 72, but recall still with […]


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