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Take your standard Oliver North. Add strong parts of Bill Cosby and Sir Robert Baden-Powell (the founder of Scouting). Throw in Johny Bravo without the “hurhhs!” and his pecks. Add a strong dose of parenting, the sexuality of a latin lover, and Mona Lisa’s smile. And a 40 year old’s body frame. That’s me basically *grinning*

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Boy scout “Jack” shirt question… 4 pocket?

  Hey Matt!!   You wrote and asked me:   “My name is Matthew Wilson a proud eagle scout. While at a local swap meet I found a BSA jacket and purchased it. The tag reads Boy Scouts Of America Official Jacket and has the number 553 on it. Size 40. It feels like all […]


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About Speeches and the Medal of Honor (18 Apr 13)

  Please first allow me some words about making speeches.  I have been doing so for quite some time — since 13; and “will speak for food, patch or mug” (later for $100) since I turned 17.     Let me start out by saying that at every location I provide a speech — an after dinner speech; […]


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“Once a Scout, Always a Scout? (13 Apr 13)

  Hi Bill!!   You provided me with a GREAT question today….thank you for asking me:   “If I was a Boy Scout am I “always” a Boy Scout” (if I wasn’t expelled or anything — never happened)…or just during the time I was in my troop. I am now 72, but recall still with […]


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