“Club Scouts”

  During the recent National Annual Meeting of the Boy Scouts of America, held in Atlanta, I attended several sessions geared to share information and to bring it back to my local Council to share with them. Since my “local Council” (Transatlantic) serves youth in some 60 (I haven’t counted the total number of countries, […]


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“Snot Rags” (26 Aug 15)

  “Snot Rags”  She calls them that so as to get a reaction from me – it never fails.  She knows full well what they are and how they are worn; she used to be a Girl Scout.  But then, Girl Scouts don’t wear a NECKERCHIEF!  Wikipedia defines a neckerchief in the following manner: “A […]


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“Was an Eagle Scout” or “IS an Eagle Scout”? (9 July 15)

  Today’s “Bryan on Scouting” blog entry was all about the Eagle Scout Award — the senior editor of SCOUTING Magazine, Bryan Wendell, wrote in part:   “That’s why you never say “I was an Eagle Scout.” You always say “I am an Eagle Scout.”   The tense makes sense. Earning the BSA’s top honor makes you a […]


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Where are the (Black) Adults? (13 May 15)

  I got a whipping for wanting to be a Cub Scout. I got a whipping later because I know that I did something right, but to my mother I disobeyed her. I stood there, repeating the Scout Law to myself, as my mother hit me with my father’s Army web belt over and over, […]


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(Insert name of City/community) (29 Apr 15)

  This is not about a particular city — this week we’re talking Baltimore. Last week we were talking some other city; and the week before we were talking yet another city. We need to understand that this kind of behavior can be found in every medium to large sized city or community in the […]


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The “Value” of Scouting – from an NFL hopeful (31 Mar 15)

  La’el Collins, Offensive Tackle, Louisiana State University (LSU) for four years. He is expected to be a first round pick when the 2015 NFL Draft starts a month from today. Collins, who grew up in Baton Rouge and graduated from Redemptorist High School, is an Eagle Scout…one of hundreds of college football players who […]


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Technically and Legally, sure… But SHOULD he carry the title “Eagle Scout”? (25 Mar 15)

  This evening, I enjoyed reading a longish posting (I’m not the ONLY person who post in long prose!) from a volunteer Scouter in the Midwest.  He is upset because the BSA allows for boys as young as legally possible to earn the highest rank in the Boy Scout program — Eagle — as young […]


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More on Missing the 2015 TAC Training/Service Conf (13 Mar 15)

  WEBELOS Cub Scout Kaden became a Boy Scout tonight; his sister Hannah tried to bribe him into tripping over the bridge separating his Cub Scout experience from the experience awaiting him as a Boy Scout. THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is what Scouting is all about: the enthusiasm and energy of a young man; the […]


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More about “Why Baltimore?” (28 Feb 15)

  It is an expense which I will take once or twice a year, to lend my prescience for such a worthy justification.   Kei was the first of several who wrote and asked me:   “Um, I get the part about Germany and Europe and the things you do for them.”  I explained that […]


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“Can I Wear my OLD Council Shoulder Patch (CSP)?” (19 Feb 15)

  Hi Jim!! You wrote and asked me: “I recently joined a troop as an Assistant Scoutmaster. I am an Eagle Scout and still have most of my old patches. I want to wear my old council patch on my uniform, and see nothing in the rules and regs that says I cannot”   Perhaps […]


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