Responsibility… what’s YOUR Policy? (23 Mar 16)

  (From “Eagle Feathers” by Mike Walton; more recent notes follow the entry…) Responsibility: What’s Your Policy? Tweet This Post  


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“Did I Tell You About My Glass Eye?” (9 Mar 16)

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About the “Jamboree Edition” typewriter (16 Jan 16)

  I subscribe to several Scouting patch trading/collecting forums on Facebook(tm).  This evening, I got a surprise when I saw an image of what I know is MY typewriter…. Mike Selby wrote: “Looking for info on this typewriter. It is from the 1977 BSA National Jamboree. My guess is that possibly it was used by […]


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…Prepared for Anything (8 Feb 16)

 On this day in Washington 106 years ago, officials of a new youth-service organization filed paperwork to incorporate and federally charter something called the Boy Scouts of America. These men, representing a broad cut of social and civic clubs, educational institutions and religious bodies, had no clue as to what direction their small organization would […]


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“…Do It!” (11 Jan 16)

 (The NIKE company owns the copyright to the phrase “Just DO IT!” and is being used here with no infringement made. This article was originally in one of the last issues of American Scouting Digest magazine, where I served as a senior editor and writer. The Jamboree referred to was the 2010 National Scout Jamboree, […]


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Brought to you by the Letters Q, M, C, and S (18 Jan 16)

 I am a fan…no, I am “ga-ga” over Captain James Bond, formerly Commander James Bond, otherwise known as “double knot seven” (007), one of a few who have a legal “license to kill”. A few people have played this role, among them my “best” Bond, the actor Pierce Brosnan (“Remington Steele” if you recall how […]


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Fw: Ask Andy: Background on District/Division Award of Merit

 The following was sent to Andy of “Ask Andy” fame. Hal Daume (his real name) is a longtime Commissioner and like me has been answering Scouters’ questions and queries electronically for a long, long time!! Every once in a while, I assist him and (Dr.) Kenneth King with answering some of his, um, challenging questions. […]


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Marked Men (2 Oct 15)

 (My personal and my family’s condolences go outward to those families affected by the attack and shootings in Oregon on 1 October. My caring goes to the many first responders and their families who encountered such death and harm. My support goes to those many people who took up our President’s plea to demonstrate to […]


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Merit Badge Counselor uniform and insignia question (23 Sept 15)

  Hi Chris!! You wrote and asked me: “Question I received from a scouting friend and I can’t find an answer to. Can a merit badge counselor, and registered only as such wear the adult bsa uniform and is there a position badge of office to reflect merit badge counselor?” Yes and no.  Yes, registered […]


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More about “Fort Knox High Days” (2015 Reunion Overview) (6 Sep 15)

  Sunday morning started with breakfast at Golden Corral. I lost a phone earpiece so I had to go to WalMart and buy a new one; and get some gasoline for the drive I thought across the state and then back down to my hotel room here in Tennessee.  Plans changed…I’ll make it up to […]


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